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Title: Relief
Author: [ profile] hawkeyecat
Fandom: M*A*S*H
Claim: General Series
Character(s): Hawkeye Pierce, Sidney Freedman
Prompt: 073. Light
Community: [ profile] fanfic100
Word Count: 242
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Once I become a millionaire… Nah, probably not even then.
Author's Notes: Unbeta-read.

“I’d tell you if I knew,” Hawkeye said. “Just…couldn’t breathe in OR yesterday, before I called you.”

“You tried going outside?” Sidney let the door close behind him.

“Yeah, right before I went back inside and called you.” He had to have a better solution. Hawkeye couldn’t leave surgery if it happened again. The patients wouldn’t approve.

“What’d it feel like, Hawkeye?” Typical Sidney. Probably typical shrink.

“Like I couldn’t breathe.” Obviously. Sidney just gave him a steady look, waiting. “Like…claustrophobia, only OR’s plenty big. Might as well get claustrophobia in the Swamp.”

“Anything else?” Sidney prodded. Hawkeye figured Sidney was either making him relive it, or looking for what had happened. Right to the point, that was Sidney.

“Just this pressure on me, from all sides.” Hawkeye shook his head. “Guess I’m cracking up this time, huh?”

“No. You just had an anxiety attack.”

“An anxiety attack?” Hawkeye repeated, incredulous. “That’s hysteria.”

Sidney smiled slightly and shook his head. “One attack isn’t hysteria. It’s your mind reacting to extreme pressure. What were you doing when it came on?”

“Repairing a liver while Trapper got the kid’s kidney, nothing too unusual.” He let a hint of bitterness creep into his voice. That should be incredibly rare, maybe only seen with a serious car accident.

Sidney seemed to catch that tone. “So you were stressed. Don’t worry about it unless it happens again. Now,” he clapped his hands together, “let’s play some poker.”
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