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Title: Vogler is Vader
Author: [ profile] hawkeycat
Rating: Everyone
Warnings: Potentially OOC (which would drive me crazy if it wasn’t such a cracked-out fic), fluffiness, and coffee
Fandom: House/L&O: TOS crossover
Length: 699 words (if you include the A/N, 810 words)
Author's Note: I strongly suspect one or both is OOC (probably Jack). Oops. This is what happens when I start a fic during econ and finish it four hours later, when I want to sleep and am in a Very Silly mood. Yeah, I think my writing privileges should be revoked when I’m feeling Very Silly, unless I’m MSTing. Kate, this is for you! You’d better at least laugh once…And I have no clue how it got where it wound up. It was supposed to be smut, and clearly isn’t. It is, in fact, fluff, which makes me vaguely indignant. And does anyone else find “House’s house” far funnier than it should be?

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Title: New York Winter
Author: [ profile] hawkeyecat
Fandom: Law & Order
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Jack McCoy/Mike Logan
Theme: V is for Vex, to bring distress or suffering to; plague or afflict
Length: 517 words
Disclaimer: If I did own them, this wouldn’t be my preferred pairing
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] sarcasticsra for the excellent beta and the two great sentences.

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Title: Scars
Author: hawkeyecat
Fandom: Law & Order
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Jack McCoy/Ed Green
Theme: U is for Ugly: displeasing to the eye, unsightly; morally reprehensible; threatening or ominous.
Word Count: 527
Author’s Notes: Originally 316 words, and it worked that way; I just wanted to have it work for a spark word. Thanks, as usual, go to [ profile] sarcasticsra for the beta, and the assistance in making my muses behave. I’ll get to D/G once Kate gives them back, I promise.

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Title: Hungover
Author: [ profile] hawkeyecat
Fandom: Law & Order
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Jack/Ed
Theme: L is for Leonine, of, relating to, or characteristic of a lion.
Length: 505
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Author's Note: This one is unbeta-d.

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Title: An Evening Frozen In Time
Author: [ profile] hawkeyecat
Fandom: Law & Order
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Jack/Lennie (Don’t look at me like that…)
Theme: H is for Horology, the science of measuring time.
Length: 691
Disclaimer: *sings "Only In My Dreams"* Dick Wolf won't hand them over, no matter how much I beg.
Author's Note: SAP! Pure, unadulterated SAP. I blame J.K… Thanks to [ profile] sarcasticsra for being such a wonderful beta.

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Title: Grief
Author: [ profile] hawkeyecat
Fandom: Law & Order
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Joe Fontana/Arthur Branch. Maybe.
Theme: E is for Esoteric: intended for or understood by only a particular group; of or relating to that which is known by a restricted number of people; confined to a small group; not publicly disclosed; confidential.
Word Count: 542
Author’s Notes: Blame for the pairing should be directed to [ profile] amazonqueenkate for challenging me and [ profile] sarcasticsra for reminding me. Then again, I wrote it, so I’m partially to blame. There is character death.

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